What is expected at the first session?


  • An explanation will be given about the nature and limits of confidentiality.
  • The session will be in the form of a discussion which includes the process of therapy, gathering information about your history and presenting problem.
  • A copy of your Mental Health Care Plan or referral should be brought to the first session if you are eligible to claim consultations with Medicare.
  • Face to Face Skype consultations are available  after discussion and assessment in our session.

How long does each session take?

  • All sessions are between 50-60 minutes.

How do I obtain a referral?

  • In order to see Sharon you are not required to obtain a referral unless you are eligible to claim through the Medicare Better Access Initiative (maximum 10 sessions per year)
  • Sharon is also a preferred provider for ATAPS (maximum 12 sessions per year)

How to claim a rebate on consultation fees?

If you have a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) you will receive a receipt that allows you to immediately claim from Medicare.

If you are a member of a private health fund, you may be eligible for rebate for psychological services. Please contact your private health fund to see whether you can receive any further rebates.